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What to do with all that brown paper that comes in your delivery boxes..

Christmas Eve is almost here, our online orders are being delivered by the hour.. we get so many boxes delivered by our doors, and we get almost drowned in brown kraft paper sheets which are intended to fill the empty void space in your shipment. 

I decided to recycle this years kraft paper sheets and use them for wrapping the gifts.. besides from reusing them, I'm making a beautiful pike of presents by staying in the same color scheme.  

So now that brown is your main color scheme, pick other 2 colors and run with it. 

Wrap your gifts with the brown paper and chose a different way to decorate each one of them. 

Possibilies are endless. Choose ribbons , twine, buttons, wooden snowflakes, handmade papercrafts or use some tree ornaments.  I even went outside to add some evergreens to my decorations.. 

 keep it simple and have fun!! 

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